The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has declared a Heat Health Emergency beginning Thursday, July 27 at 9 a.m., and ending Saturday, July 29, at 8 p.m. Below you will find cooling resources and information.

During very hot weather, the City will declare a Heat Health Emergency. When we declare a Heat Health Emergency, we activate several City services to ensure our residents stay safe.

During a Heat Health Emergency, it’s important to check on loved ones, neighbors, and pets and look out for each other. When daytime temperatures reach the 90s or triple digits and are accompanied by high humidity for two or more days, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke can happen. If you think someone is having a medical emergency, call 911.

Remember, during hot weather, NEVER leave children and pets unattended in vehicles under any circumstances. Car interiors can reach lethal temperatures very quickly; It takes only two minutes for a car to reach unsafe temperatures.

A Heat Health Emergency and related weather and emergency information is announced on the City’s website and through the City’s free mass notification system, ReadyPhiladelphia. Sign up for free text alerts by texting READYPHILA to 888-777 or customize your free text or email alerts for alerts and locations important to you by visiting the Office of Emergency Management’s website.

When a Heat Health Emergency is declared:

The Philadelphia Corporation for Aging’s Heatline — a special helpline number — is open for calls

Any Philadelphia resident can call the heatline to get health and safety tips and to talk to medical professionals to discuss conditions and illnesses made worse from the heat. During a Heat Health Emergency, you can call the heatline at (215) 765-9040.

The Heatline will be open from Thursday, July 27 through Saturday, July 29 from 8:30 a.m. to midnight.

Cooling sites are available to the public

During a Heat Health Emergency, the City coordinates to open various air-conditioned locations where residents can go to cool off from the heat. Cooling sites can include, libraries, schools, buses, and other locations.

Free Library locations

These Free Library locations will be open to the public from Thursday, July 27 through Saturday, July 29, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Location Street address ZIP code
Cecil B. Moore Library 2320 Cecil B. Moore Ave. 19121
Charles Santore Library 932 S. 7th St. 19147
Blanche A. Nixon Cobbs Creek Library 5800 Cobbs Creek Pkwy. 19143
Fumo Family Library 2437 S. Broad St. 19148
Haverford Library 5543 Haverford Ave. 19139
Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library 68 W. Chelten Ave. 19144
Lillian Marrero Library 601 W. Lehigh Ave. 19133
Logan Library 1333 Wagner Ave. 19141
Lucien E. Blackwell West Philadelphia Regional Library 125 S. 52nd St. 19139
Nicetown-Tioga Library 3720 N. Broad St. 19140
Northeast Regional Library 2228 Cottman Ave. 19149
Oak Lane Library 6614 N. 12th St. 19126
Widener Library 2808 W. Lehigh Ave. 19132

Parks and Recreation locations

These Parks and Recreation locations will be open to the public from Thursday, July 27 through Saturday, July 29, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Location Street address ZIP code
East Passyunk 1025 Mifflin St. 19148
Barry 1800 Johnston St. 19145
Smith 2100 S. 26th St. 19145
Christy 738 S. 55th St. 19143
Sayre 5835 Spruce St. 19139
West Mill Creek 5100 Parrish St. 19139
8th and Diamond Playground 800 Diamond St. 19122
Penrose 1101 W. Susquehanna Ave. 19122
Dendy 1555 N. 10th St. 19122
MLK 2101 Cecil B. Moore Ave. 19121
Mander 2140 N. 33rd St. 19121
Nelson 2500 N. 3rd St. 19133
Waterloo 2501 N. Howard St. 19133
Scanlon 1099 E. Venango St. 19134
Pleasant 6757 Chew Ave. 19119
Lonnie Young 1100 E. Chelten Ave. 19138
Stenton Park 4600 N. 16th St. 19140
Francis Myers 5801 Kingsessing Ave. 19143
McCreesh Playground 6744 Regent St. 19142

Residents are also encouraged to visit any of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation’s spraygrounds and pools.

Remember, swimming in Philadelphia’s rivers, streams, and waterways is very dangerous and not allowed. Cool off safely at a sprayground or pool instead.

The Office of Homeless Services increases its outreach

The Office of Homeless Services will take proactive measures to protect Philadelphians who are experiencing homelessness. Call the outreach team at (215) 232-1984 if you see someone on the street who needs shelter or other homeless services. Call 911 if there is a medical emergency.

Utility Shutoffs are suspended

Philadelphia Water Department shutoffs are suspended during a Heat Health Emergency. Shutoffs for non-payment will resume after the Heat Health Emergency ends.

Additional pet safety measures are enforced by Philadelphia’s Animal Care & Control Team

During excessive heat, all dogs must have one or more separate areas of shade large enough to accommodate the entire body of the dog at one time and protect it from the direct rays of the sun. Owners can face a $500 fine (and can put their pets in grave danger) if they don’t follow ACCT Philly’s requirements. To report a dog left outdoors in very hot weather, call (267) 385-3800.