Last month, the Office of Worker Protections concluded the first Community Outreach and Education Fund. This program worked with community organizations across the city to raise awareness on workers’ rights. A full list of the participants can be viewed in this post about the program’s launch.


“We learned that all workers have rights”

Community Outreach and Education Fund stakeholders selected 14 community partners to join the program. Partners attended trainings with the Office of Worker Protections and shared resources with their members. This included hosting workshops, posting on social media, and handing out flyers at public events.

As the program reached its end last month, members gathered to share their experiences with each other. Partners highlighted the outreach strategies that worked best for their members. “Philly labor laws cover more people than we expected,” one member shared. Many emphasized how appreciative workers were to learn of their protections in the workplace.

“I was excited by how many of our workers wanted to engage in the trainings that you held, ” another member shared.


An ongoing commitment to workers’ rights

All 14 partners committed to future partnership with the Office of Worker Protections. This will include sharing both printed resources and information online, as well as hosting trainings. Many partners also discussed working together on future events.

In order to reach more workers, partners emphasized making resources available in many languages. As part of this program, the Office developed resources in over 25 languages. 

“I didn’t know that workers had so much power and right to protect themselves,” said another participant.


By the numbers…

Community Outreach and Education Fund partners accomplished the following in partnership with the Office of Worker Protections:

  • 42 community institutions are sharing worker protections resources. Each partner identified two community institutions to share resources on workers’ rights.
  • 25 languages. Total number of languages resources were created in.
  • 100% of participants became somewhat or very familiar with labor laws. This is a 45% increase from the start of the program.
  • 75% of participants discuss work with their members at least every week. This is a 25% increase from the start of the program.
  • 90,812 people reached online. Partners shared dozens of posts about worker protections on their social media accounts to a combined following of over 90,000 people. (You can follow the Department of Labor on Twitter and on Facebook to receive more updates.)

Learn more about workplace protections

The Office of Worker Protections advances and upholds worker protection laws through enforcement and outreach, with a commitment to promoting economic security and racial justice. Learn more about Philadelphia’s labor laws and access resources in many languages by visiting the Office of Worker Protection’s website.