There are thousands of people working in an “invisible economy” right here in Philadelphia. Sometimes referred to as working “under the table,” these employees are often paid in cash, with little to no record of their work. These workers can still be  covered by Philadelphia’s labor laws!  The Philadelphia Office of Worker Protection has created Wage and Hour Log Books that can be used to track work hours for anyone paid in cash. These log books can be used by employers and employees.

Here’s what you need to know: 

Wage and Hour Log Books are available in 7 languages — with 3 more coming soon!

Wage and Hour Log Books are currently offered in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, Burmese, Chinese, and French. The record keeping portion, information on the Office of Worker Protections, and details on Philadelphia’s labor laws are all translated to ensure everyone understands their protections. And if you have any questions, you can call the Worker Protection Hotline and receive live interpretation in the language of your choice. (Arabic, Indonesian, and Khmer Log Books will be available in 2024!) 

The LogBook can support your labor rights complaint

If you believe you have experienced a violation of your labor rights, you can submit a complaint to the Office of Worker Protections. Instructions on how to file a complaint are provided in the log book. As part of the investigation, the Office will ask for documentation and records of your work — like the details collected in the Wage and Hour Log Book. Consistent and consecutive note taking of your work hours and schedule can be handwritten into the log book and can support your complaint.  Note: if you do not have any documentation or evidence, you can still contact the Office for help. 

Regular and Complete Use of the Log Book is Essential

Use the log book every day you work. This regular use creates a reliable record of your work hours, days-off or types of leave taken, and the tasks you performed or accomplished at work. You should also use the log to keep track of your payments from your employer to ensure you are paid for all hours you work. Using it consistently to document your work can support your case. 

Log Books explain your protections under Philadelphia’s labor laws

The Log Books have short descriptions of Philadelphia’s labor laws that can cover cash workers including  short explanations of Philly’s Paid Sick Leave Law, Wage Theft Law, and the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. All of these laws include protections from retaliation  — meaning you can  exercise your rights under these laws and your boss can not discipline you or terminate you. 

Keep the Log Book for at least three years.

Violations of your workplace protections must be reported within a certain amount of time depending on the law. Given that laws like Wage Theft protect you for up to three years after the incident, you should keep the Log Book for three years to ensure you have records in case you need to file a complaint with the Office of Worker Protections.

You can easily get a Wage and Hour Log Book

This resource is here to protect you, no matter how you are paid. To get your free Wage and Hour Log Book, contact the Office of Worker Protections at (215) 686-0802 or email at