Did you inherit your Philly home, but your name isn’t yet on the deed? You may still qualify for real estate tax assistance. While our core mission is to collect taxes and water charges to fund essential City services, we’re also committed to providing water bill and tax assistance to qualifying residents.

We recently expanded our real estate tax relief programs to reach more homeowners, including owners who don’t have their homes’ legal titles. This means that you may still qualify for our programs even if your name isn’t on your home’s deed, but you can demonstrate that you have a legal interest in the property.

For example, you can benefit from our Owner-Occupied Payment Agreement (OOPA) program, which helps owners stay on track with their property taxes. We may even cross-enroll you into other property tax saving programs, such as the Homestead Exemption or Senior Tax Freeze if you qualify for OOPA. So don’t wait to contact us!

What’s OOPA?

OOPA is a property tax relief program that’s helping thousands of Philly homeowners, including equitable title holders, plan and pay their property taxes in monthly installments. The program’s key requirement is having a legal interest in the home that you live in. You can sign up for OOPA anytime; no down payment is required. Some homeowners even pay as low as $0 per month.

The quickest way to apply for OOPA is online—here are the steps:

  • Select “Search for a property” under the “Property” panel on the Philadelphia Tax Center’s front page.
  • Enter your address and hit “Search.” Your property’s OPA number appears as a blue hyperlink on the right side of the screen. Select it to access your property account.
  • Pick the “Apply for real estate assistance programs” link to access the next page. Select “Submit an Owner-Occupied Payment Agreement” on this page and follow the prompts to submit your application.

Once accepted into the program, the City considers you to be in good tax standing. But you must maintain consistent payment to stay enrolled. Be aware that a late or missed payment may end your participation in the program.

Remember, not having your home’s legal title doesn’t stop you from taking advantage of a range of real estate tax relief programs the City offers. Just call (215) 686-6442 and ask about our Real Estate Tax relief programs.