“The Rebuild program is important because it’s adding value to our buildings that are slowly deteriorating. We want our libraries to be open, to be safe and we want them to be modernized to accommodate the 21st-century child.”Kelly Richards, Director and President, Free Library of Philadelphia

With Rebuild gaining more momentum at playgrounds and recreation centers we’re excited to kick off construction at some of our 12 Rebuild library sites.

As part of the process for capital improvement at a Free Library Branch, additional time is needed for clean-out and collection (the books!) movement. This process requires each library branch to close the months before construction begins.

Although the overall pre-construction and construction will take time, Rebuild along with the Free Library will provide ample notification before the closure of your library branch—most importantly providing information regarding where programs and services will be moved.

During the moving process, move coordinators will relocate book and video collections to a safe space ensuring they maintain their current condition, along with furniture and electronics– this process can take up to approximately one to two months. 

No worries, though! To find programs that have been relocated due to the closure of your library, you can visit here for information about services and programs at a nearby library. You can also check out freelibrary.org to find the closest library open near you by entering your zip code. 

The Rebuild program will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Philadelphia’s parks, recreation centers, and libraries. Made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax. Learn more about Rebuild’s approved sites and the work being completed.