By Reza Ali

Our parks, recreation centers, and libraries are critical community hubs that provide dynamic programming and places to have fun year-round.  When these places are forced to close for maintenance reasons like leaky roofs, or broken heating and cooling systems all this comes to a halt.  

That’s when the Rebuild First Fix comes in!  ‘First Fixes’ are collaborations between Rebuild, our friends at Parks & Recreation, or the Free Library when an immediate need is identified. Though slated for a transformational investment, certain sites needed fixes immediately or the site would not be able to operate, so far Rebuild has invested $12 million across 30+ sites. As a result, Rebuild starts these critical improvements ahead of the flagship project to ensure it stays open to the public.

Take Cobbs Creek Recreation Center – currently undergoing community engagement and design but experienced an issue with an underground pipe forcing the building to close. Rebuild stepped in to both fund and lead the fix reopening the center in time for summer! This approach scope allows Rebuild to work with more small businesses in order to diversify the contractors on the job.  

 How are sites selected? 

All qualified and selected Rebuild sites are eligible for a First Fix. In fact, many of our selected sites undergo a short-term First Fix before the guaranteed flagship project takes place.  

The Rebuild program will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Philadelphia’s parks, recreation centers, and libraries. Made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax. Learn more about Rebuild’s approved sites and the work being completed.