Effective May 19th, 2022, the Workforce and Career Pathways Information Sheet and notice poster is now available.

Under Chapter 9-5600 of the Philadelphia Code, all hiring entities must now provide the Workforce and Career Pathways Information Sheet to all Philadelphia employees who work in the city upon separation of employment and notify employees of this right under law. The Workforce and Career Pathways Information Sheet includes information on jobless benefits, career and technical skills training, educational opportunities, and other related information created by the City’s Office of Worker Protections. The law’s requirements are effective immediately.

Does this law apply to me?


Any hiring entity must follow this law, which means any individual or employer who employs by paying a wage or wages for the performance of work or services whether directly or indirectly to a covered individual. Hiring entities include any individual person, partnership, association, corporation, business or any combination involving any of the above. In short, if you pay a covered individual wages either directly or indirectly for work or services, as a business or as an individual, you must follow this law.

This includes food delivery network companies and transportation network companies.

It does not include any entity, person, or group of persons that the City is legally prohibited from regulating under federal or state law, such as federal or state employees.


Covered employees include any individual employed by a hiring entity who performs work within the geographic boundaries of the City of Philadelphia for at least 40 hours in a year, regardless of immigration status.

Any individual performing work for a hiring entity is presumed an employee unless the hiring entity can demonstrate specific conditions are satisfied outlined in the law.

What are the law’s requirements?

Employers must notify all employees of their right to this law.

Hiring entities must give notice to covered individuals that they are entitled to receive a workforce and career pathways sheet which outlines the terms and conditions in the law. The notice requirements can be met by supplying each covered individual employed with the notice or displaying a poster in a conspicuous and accessible location at each worksite.

The notice must be provided in English and any language spoken by at least five percent of the entity’s workforce.

Employers must provide the Workforce and Career Pathways Sheet to covered individuals upon separation of employment.

If the employer initiates the separation, the employer must provide the Workforce and Career Pathways Information Sheet to the employee at the time of notice of separation.

If the employee initiates the separation, the employer must provide the Workforce and Career Pathways Information Sheet 30 days after the employee’s notification of separation or actual separation from employment in all other cases, whichever is earlier.

Any hiring entity found in violation of this requirement will be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $300 for each offense.

Retaliation by employers is prohibited. Employers must keep records demonstrating compliance.

Filing a complaint

Call the Department of Labor, Office of Worker Protections at (215) 686-0802 or email WorkerProtections@phila.gov about a suspected violation of this law.

Include the following details:

  • Employer name
  • Supervisor name and contact information
  • Your full name and your contact
  • Your job title
  • Date of hire
  • Date of separation or termination of employment (last day at work)