This blog post was written by Wallace Q. Weaver, Chairperson of the Millennial Advisory Committee

Since our inception in 2017, the Millennial Advisory Committee (MAC) exists as a body that calls the City of Philadelphia to be more equitable, just, and inclusive; because as emerging leaders within our city strive to be that ourselves. When I joined MAC, our city faced an unprecedented set of challenges. Civil unrest arose as community members demanded accountability for systemic injustice. Gun violence tore at the very heart of our communities. Economic upheaval affected businesses and families, coupled with the socio-emotional trauma that came with navigating a global pandemic. In the face of all this, the members of MAC combined their creative energies and pressed on to meet these challenges head-on, committed to being a voice for young Philadelphians and serving as their liaison to city government and community resources. 

Our generation has come to hold a larger stake in the real-time and the future of Philadelphia as civic and business leaders, taxpayers, homeowners, and community members. Our unique perspective and experience as millennials remain an invaluable asset to the Mayor’s Office.  By design, MAC helps bridge the gap between City Hall and its citizens. As we continue into 2022, MAC’s position within our city proves all the more vital; as a body that has the capacity to build grassroots power and access grasstop resources and influence.  

Our collective power will always outperform our capacity to act alone. That is why we must continue the work of bringing others together to align to our common goal of making Philadelphia a better city for all of us. In order to properly live up to our mission as an advisory body within the Mayor’s Office, it is imperative that we continue to be outward-facing and outward reaching in our approach. In the coming year, our priority is to listen and respond to the diverse perspective of millennials across the city and amplify their voice to the City government. 

I am humbled to have the opportunity to serve as the newly elected Chair of the Millennial Advisory Committee. I am grateful to accept the mantle of leadership from my predecessor, who leaves MAC in a position of strength and with an opportunity to grow our impact. 

In the last five years, we have done so much, but now we must ask ourselves one simple but profound question, where do we go from here? 

I cannot answer this question on my own, nor predict what new challenges this year might bring. I am; however, certain of this- the Millennial Advisory Committee holds firm to founding values and is committed to walking in our collective power.