Philadelphia property tax bills began arriving in the mail in December 2021 and are due no later than March 31 of this year. Even if yours hasn’t been delivered, you are still responsible for paying this tax – and on time.

Your account will become overdue, and you will be required to pay extra charges if you pay after the March 31 deadline. But that’s not all; not paying the Real Estate Tax on time can result in a lien on your property and even its auction at a Sheriff’s Sale. You can avoid these by paying your bill on time.

Please use our property tax search website to look up your balance and pay your 2022 bill no later than March 31.

Easy ways to pay

Paying your Philly property tax online is always best. Continue to use our balance search website to pay your Real Estate Tax until October 2022. After that date, this tax will be added to the Philadelphia Tax Center.

You can also pay:

Philadelphia Dept. of Revenue
P.O. Box 8409
Philadelphia, PA 19101-8409

Don’t send photocopies of your bill if paying by mail.

We recommend that you make an appointment if you choose to pay your bill in person at the MSB. Our drop-box is another bill payment option for in-person payments. You can find it in the main lobby on the JFK side of the building.

Make sure to enclose your bill coupon with a check or money order in an envelope and leave it in the Revenue Dropbox. Remember to write your account number on your check or money order.

If your bill is lost, we can provide you with a copy. Even better, you can print your own bill coupon online! Watch this short video to learn more about the process. 

Homeowners with a mortgage loan will not see a property tax bill in the mail. That’s because we send your bill directly to your mortgage company. Check with your lender if you are unsure.

Help is available

Don’t wait to contact us if you know you cannot pay your 2022 property tax in full and on time. The City offers several Real Estate Tax relief programs that you can take advantage of:

Got questions about Real Estate Taxes or assistance programs? Email them to or call us at (215) 686-6442.