The City stopped all shutoffs and other enforcement measures for water customers at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Residential customers are still receiving this protection, and don’t have to worry about shutoffs until April 2022.

However, water shutoffs for nonpayment will begin this Fall for non-residential customers, such as businesses. Other enforcement actions are also restarting now.

The Water Revenue Bureau will notify these commercial customers about the risk of a shutoff –or other enforcement– by mail before it happens.

If you receive a water shutoff notice, please:

  • Pay your water balance in full, or
  • Call (215) 685-6300 and ask about entering into a payment agreement.

Collection agencies

We are now referring overdue customer accounts to collection agencies. This enforcement measure became effective on September 13, 2021. New referrals for unpaid bills are not just for commercial customers. Residential customers can also be referred to a collection agency.

Once your water debt has been transferred to a collection agency, you must work directly with the agency to resolve your debt.

Cancelation of payment agreements 

Finally, as part of the enforcement restart, commercial and residential customers who are two or more months behind on payments for their existing agreement may have that payment agreement canceled.

Customers who fail to get current will see their agreement canceled and the balance on their account will become due immediately.

Water bill assistance for certain residential customers

If you can’t pay your residential water bill in full and on time, you can apply for water bill assistance. You may also qualify for water bill assistance if you:

  • Lost your job,
  • Have big medical bills, or
  • A life event that impacts your household income

For any question about water bill assistance: