At Parks & Rec, afterschool programs mean fun, food, and friendship. We are now recruiting participants to join one of our 95+ recreation center afterschool programs. Here are five reasons why young people ages 6-12 love spending their afternoons at “the rec.”

  1. An afterschool destination. Rec center staff provide high-quality adult supervision to children for three hours after school every weekday. Typical programs run from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., but hours vary by site. Children will benefit from the experience and expertise of caring staff.
  2. Nutritious snacks. As part of the afterschool program, every child receives a nutritious snack to help fuel an afternoon of playing and learning.
  3. Neighborhood connections. Students can reconnect with children from around their neighborhood and meet new friends.
  4. Fun activities. Participants can expect a daily dose of creative fun, with a balance of physical activities, outdoor play, and homework help.
  5. A safe environment. Throughout the pandemic, Parks & Rec staff have worked hard to keep sites safe, whether for Access Centers, summer camps, or permitted activities. Afterschool programs will follow all COVID-19 safety protocols.

Fun at Parks & Rec never ends, even when the seasons change. Sign your child up for an afterschool program today! Contact your local rec center to register.