The City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) are coordinating with the federal government’s Operation Allies Welcome to provide a point-of-entry location for people evacuated from Afghanistan. 

The Kenney administration is working with partners to welcome evacuees and returning American citizens who arrive in our city.

Philadelphia International Airport is now the only airport in the nation to welcome arrivals as part of this federally-led relief operation and emergency response. The City of Philadelphia is collaborating with the federal government and is focused on protecting the rights and dignity of Afghan people arriving in the country. 

Through our local Operation Allies Welcome PHL efforts, the City of Philadelphia is ready to provide medical assistance, housing, and connection to our diverse community of immigrant service providers who can assist with an array of social services. 

In Philadelphia, we know our diversity is our strength. We are a proud welcoming city that celebrates its vibrant immigrant community. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways residents can help with Operation Allies Welcome PHL.

How you can help

Please keep in mind that Philadelphia International Airport has a regulation stating that access to the terminal building is restricted to those with airport business, including ticketed passengers, those with approval from the police or CEO, and employees.

Members of the public should not expect to access the terminal buildings unless they have official airport business. 


For security reasons, please do not bring donations directly to Philadelphia International Airport. Material goods are not being collected at this moment at Philadelphia locations where people from Afghanistan are arriving and being assisted by the City.

The best way to support organizations that are providing aid to people is through monetary donations to vetted groups that are providing immediate and long-term relief. Financial donations allow individuals to purchase what is most appropriate for their needs, provide organizations greater flexibility, and take less staff and space to manage while also reducing traffic around locations.

In Philadelphia, the City’s Office of Immigrant Affairs is working with Nationalities Services Center, HIAS Pennsylvania, Bethany Cristian Services, and Catholic Social Services. HIAS Pennsylvania and ICNA Relief PA are also accepting in-kind donations.

There are many opportunities to be involved in welcoming Afghans and helping them to rebuild their lives in the United States. View the list of resettlement agencies and affiliate contacts. Also check this new national initiative to welcome new neighbors, Welcome.US, for additional opportunities to help. 

For organizations that want to help

A broad network of companies, philanthropies, universities, civil society organizations, faith-based communities, and veteran groups have expressed interest in supporting newly arrived Afghans, including funding and sponsorship opportunities or acting as coordinators and advocates and promoters of this effort. If your organization is interested in how they can support newly arrived Afghans, please contact