The City of Philadelphia is committed to making the vaccine available and accessible to all Philadelphians. All City-run vaccine clinics provide many different services for those who require/prefer functional assistance, language interpretation, or are sensory sensitive.


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Most of the City-run community clinics are located inside libraries, recreation centers, or other large public spaces. Below you will find notes that highlight what accommodations each site will have that may make them different from one another.

Register for an appointment at a City-run clinic here.

Facility Information Facility Notes
African Cultural Alliance of North America: ACANA
5530 Chester Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance on Chester Avenue
  • Interior space has uneven flooring
  • Air-conditioned space
  • Small facility
  • Located on SEPTA trolley route 13, not ADA accessible
  • One gender neutral bathroom, not ADA accessible
Happy Hollow Recreation Center
4800 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144
  • Main entrance is not wheelchair accessible. There is a steep driveway that leads to an accessible entrance, followed by a narrow hallway to the clinic space
  • Space is not air-conditioned, can get very warm
  • Small facility
  • Wheelchair accessible SEPTA route 53 bus stops at Wayne Avenue and Logan Street
  • Men’s/ women’s bathrooms are small, not easily maneuverable
Haverford Library
5543 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19139
  • Small facility
  • Air-conditioned space
  • Two smaller gender neutral bathrooms, ADA accessible
  • Bathrooms have changing tables
  • Wheelchair accessible SEPTA route 30 bus stops on Haverford Avenue
Lawncrest Library
6098 Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111
  • Main entrance on Rising Sun Avenue is wheelchair accessible
  • Air-conditioned space
  • Small facility
  • Wheelchair accessible SEPTA route 18 bus stops on Rising Sun Avenue
  • Two gender neutral bathrooms with changing tables
  • Bathrooms have changing tables
Logan Library
1333 Wagner Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141
  • Located near Logan SEPTA BSL station, not ADA accessible
  • Sidewalk and cut outs damaged
  • Ramp leading up to facility steep
  • Long ramp to entrance ADA accessible
  • Elevator from entrance to clinic
  • Small facility
  • Air-conditioned space
  • Two gender neutral bathrooms, ADA accessible
McIlvain Playground
5200 Penn Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124
  • Main accessible entrance is on Penn Streey, uphill from Pratt Street
  • Entrance is at top of small ramp/steps, faces the playground
  • Space is air-conditioned
  • Small facility
  • Wheelchair accessible SEPTA route 24 bus stops at Penn Street and Pratt Street, clinic is 1/10 mile from Frankford Transportation Center (ADA accessible Market-Frankford Line station)
  • Mens/ womens bathrooms are small, not ADA accessible
Paschalville Library
6942 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19142
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance on Woodland Avenue
  • Long ramp to ADA accessible entrance, ring bell on right side of door to alert library staff. Clinic staff will meet patient on main floor.
  • Clinic space is located in basement, down one flight of stairs
  • Air-conditioned space
  • Small facility
  • Located on SEPTA trolley route 11, not ADA accessible. Wheelchair accessible SEPTA route 108 bus stop at 67th and Woodland Avenues
  • One gender neutral ADA accessible bathroom on main floor, men’s and women’s bathrooms in basement
Tacony Library
6742 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance on Knorr Street
  • Elevator from entrance to main floor
  • Air-conditioned space
  • Small facility
  • Wheelchair accessible SEPTA route 56 bus stops at Torresdale Avenue and Knorr Street
  • Two gender neutral bathrooms


The following resources will be present at all clinics listed above. Please email to request any accommodation not listed here.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
VRI services will also be available on site at all City-run clinics.

Language Access
If you or a member of your party needs language translation or interpretation services, see any staff member. Every site has a variety of accommodations to meet these necessary needs. Every City-run clinic has over-the-phone language access capabilities to provide translation services.

AFN Communications Kit / Sensory Kit
Access and functional needs communications kits contain tools that help those with functional needs such as limited vision review information and communicate more easily.

  • Communication board
  • Pocket Talker
  • Ruby magnifier
  • White board/ markers
  • Bold Writer pens
  • Clear masks
  • Wired Headphones
  • Weighted Lap pad
  • Noise-cancelling Headphones
  • Timers
  • Wobble Seat
  • Fidgets
  • Stress Balls
  • Sunglasses


The City has partnered with SEPTA to provide accessible transportation resources to ensure that all Philadelphians are able to get to any City-run clinic. Customers can ask any staff member for transportation resources.

SEPTA Transit Pass
The city will be distributing FREE transit passes at all City-run clinics. If you require transportation assistance, please ask any City staff member at the clinic for support.

Expanded SEPTA CCT Service
SEPTA, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia, has expanded Customized Community Transportation (CCT) for vaccinations. This service is for anyone who is 65 years of age or older, has a disability or access and functional need, or anyone who identifies a ride accommodation need. SEPTA CCT provides door-to-door service from individuals’ homes, to the vaccination site, and back home after their vaccination. This service is free-of-charge. Caretakers can accompany individuals’ travel on SEPTA CCT.


Arrange Transportation

Call the City’s transportation hotline at (215) 586-3006 to request a ride between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. A representative will help to identify the best transportation resource to meet your needs.

The City’s transportation hotline, run through the Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service, can help residents arrange for a Lyft ride, sign up for SEPTA CCT, or answer questions about other transportation resources.