The due date to pay Philadelphia property taxes was March 31, 2021. If you didn’t pay, your Real Estate Tax amount will start to grow. Your account could also be sent to a collection agency. If you do nothing, you could eventually lose ownership of your home.

If you can’t afford to pay your Real Estate Tax bill, we can help.  An Owner-Occupied Payment Agreement, or OOPA, is an affordable way for property owners to stay current on their property taxes.

OOPAs are for Philly homeowners who live in their property. We have different payment agreements for a property you own, but don’t live in.

Paying in full is always best. But we understand if that’s not an option right now. Below, we count down five reasons you should get into an OOPA when you can’t pay:

5. Your home is safe from a Sheriff Sale. Once you contact the Philadelphia Department of Revenue, we will stop the process to sell your home at auction. By honoring your OOPA, even if you still have tax debt, we consider you to be in good standing.

4. You’ll have a plan to pay your debt. You will save your home, and repay part of your back property taxes each month. We will find an OOPA based on your income, or real ability to pay. You don’t even need a down payment.

3. If you live in the property, you qualify. Your OOPA installments will be based on your income. You can’t make too much, or too little to qualify. If you’ve never had an OOPA before, the only requirement is that you live in the property.

2. You can still get other Real Estate Tax relief. Getting an OOPA doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of other assistance programs. OOPA participants can also have the Homestead Exemption or sign up for the Senior Tax Freeze.

1. It’s easy to apply. You can find and print an application from our website. You can also email or call (215) 686-6442 to request an OOPA.