PHILADELPHIA— Mayor Jim Kenney and Stephanie Reid, Executive Director of Philly Counts 2020, issued the following joint statement in response to the U.S. ​District Court for the Southern District of New York ​unanimous ruling declaring that President Trump’s executive memorandum to exclude undocumented immigrants from the 2020 Census counts is unlawful:

“We applaud this ruling; this is a major win for the 2020 Census. We all know that there are no exceptions regarding immigration status, the census counts every person living in the country. Again, Trump’s attempts to divide the country for his own political benefit have failed.”

“This ruling prohibits the Department of Commerce from reporting any information regarding ​the undocumented ​status of immigrants in the 2020 Census count. We remind all residents that the census responses are confidential, and will not be shared with any agency or court.”

“The 2020 Census has faced numerous barriers. The Trump’s Administration continues creating fear among immigrants, especially undocumented communities. Immigration is one of our country’s foundations and in Philadelphia, we will not allow these communities to be erased. Immigrants —regardless of their status matter to us. We welcome them and celebrate the contributions to our city.”