Brewerytown Construction LLC is a family owned Philadelphia general contractor known across the city for completing high quality home renovation and larger commercial building projects. Brothers Rahsaan and Nate Hall have lived in the community their whole lives, and decided to go into business together to expand their prospects and give back to their neighborhood. 

When a friend mentioned that Rebuild offers diverse local design and construction firms resources to grow their business and bid for work on neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries, Rahsaan knew Brewerytown had to get involved. He joined the Rebuild Ready program and quickly saw the benefits. Through Rebuild Ready, Brewerytown has:

  • Learned the City’s procurement process.
  • Connected with other small business owners. 
  • Gained certification as a minority-owned firm registered with the City Office of Economic Opportunity. 

“The Rebuild Ready classes have been very beneficial, and it’s important that the City is offering this program to diverse small businesses, especially at this time,” Rahsaan said.

Rebuild Ready is a free program to help diverse small businesses like Brewerytown Construction, LCC gain the skills to bid for and win contracts on Rebuild projects and other public work projects across the city. Businesses work with business coaches experienced in the local design and construction industry to build knowledge in :

  • Construction Accounting and Financial Management.
  • Estimating and Bid Preparation.
  • Payroll and Joint Ventures.
  • Bonding, Insurance, and Risk.
  • Construction Law, Contracting, and Dispute Resolution.
  • Cash Flow Management and Payment.

Rahsaan sees the impact of Rebuild Ready extending beyond his business, and having a positive effect on his community. As Brewerytown Construction grows, Rahsaan and Nate have been able to subcontract out to other small businesses from the neighborhood, creating jobs for Philadelphians. Rahsaan and Nate hope to use what they’ve learned through Rebuild Ready to inspire the next generation of small business owners, and showing young people who look like them the benefits of a career in the skilled trades.

“Small businesses help to stabilize Philadelphia’s communities. We get to work with the people who really make up the City and provide quality services to them, especially working class and lower income people. Our business is ultimately a way for us to support the neighborhood we’re from.” 

Learn more about the Rebuild Ready small business supports program.