Trash and Recycling for the Week of October 19, 2020

As of October 19, 2020 this blog will no longer be updated daily since collections have returned to their normal schedule. Go to for near real-time collections updates.

Trash: On schedule

  • Put out trash on your regular collection day.

Recycling: On schedule

  • Put out recycling on your regular collection day.
  • If cardboard or other materials get wet, they become contaminated and cannot be recycled. Learn more about what to recycle.

When and how to report missed collections:

  • Report trash that’s three or more days late.
  • Report recycling that’s five or more days late.
  • To report, call 3-1-1 or submit a request online.

Sanitation Convenience Centers are open: You can drop off bulk items or take your household trash and recycling to a Sanitation Convenience Center near you. They are open seven days a week, from Monday through Sunday between the hours of 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Residents must show proof of Philadelphia residency for access.

Tips to curb your waste: The COVID-19 pandemic has many residents at home all day, generating an excessive amount of trash. Industry reports note residential trash increases by more than 25 percent nationally, including in Philadelphia. Excessive trash tonnage can cause delays across the City with the Streets Department curbside collection service. Delays can create litter conditions, cause horrible odors and attract insects and pests.

We all have a role to play to help curb the amount of trash set out for collection during these unprecedented times. Here are some simple tips (PDF) that will go a long way to help reduce collection delays and improve litter conditions.

For instance, drill holes at the bottom of your trash containers to avoid excess water weight. Help our sanitation workers while also helping our city!