PHILADELPHIA – The City of Philadelphia and Terrance Lewis today announced the settlement of Mr. Lewis’s federal wrongful conviction lawsuit against the City. Mr. Lewis will receive $6.25 million from the City of Philadelphia.

Statement on behalf of exoneree Terrance Lewis by Robert Ross, Esq., and Kevin Harden, Jr., Esq. of Ross Feller Casey LLP: 

“After being wrongfully imprisoned for more than 21 years, the City of Philadelphia made a serious effort to compensate Terrance Lewis. Although no amount of money will give Mr. Lewis his life back, this settlement will help Terrance re-establish connections in his community and continue his work helping others who have been wrongfully convicted and remain imprisoned. We are hopeful that this resolution will serve as a starting point for future reforms and are grateful to conclude this chapter of Mr. Lewis’ life.”

Statement of Mayor Jim Kenney:

“I know that money alone cannot compensate Mr. Lewis and his family for the 21 years he spent incarcerated. And I know that much more must be done to reform our criminal justice system and to help the families and communities that have been torn apart by instances in which the system didn’t work. This work is difficult and takes significant effort and time, but I remain fully committed to it so we can create a more equitable and just city for all Philadelphians.”

Statement of City Solicitor Marcel Pratt: 

“Mr. Lewis served 21 years of a life sentence before a court lawfully threw out his conviction and ordered his freedom.  Mr. Lewis and the City agreed to resolve his pending civil suit without going through more court proceedings, which can be lengthy and difficult.  I hope that this settlement helps Mr. Lewis as he plans a better future for himself and his family.”