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Each year, about 30 infants die from sleep-related deaths in Philadelphia. Most of these deaths occur when an infant is put to sleep in a way that is comfortable for an adult, but dangerous for a baby. These infant deaths are preventable. Here’s what you, family, and friends can do to keep your babies safe at naptime and bedtime.

Follow every step, every time:

  • Always put your baby to sleep in a Pack ’n Play or crib.
  • Your baby’s Pack ’n Play or crib is just for the baby. NO pillows, bumper, blankets, or toys.
  • Lay your baby on her or his back.

Request a Pack ’n Play:

Contact the Division of Maternal, Child and Family Health through this online request form or at (215) 519-8640, or contact Maternity Care Coalition.

Other ways to keep your baby safe:

  • Do not smoke in your baby’s home.
  • Breastfeed your baby, if you are able.
  • Once breastfeeding is going well, you can use a pacifier.
  • Avoid using alcohol or drugs.
  • Immunize your baby on time.
  • Do not overheat or overbundle your baby.
  • When your baby begins to roll, stop swaddling.
  • Do not use pillows, in-bed bassinets, or “co-sleepers” (a separate sleeping area that attaches to your bed) that claim to allow an infant to sleep in an adult bed.
  • Do not use a home heart monitor.
  • When your baby is awake, you can supervise tummy time to help prevent a flattened back of the head.