Nominations Open for Fostering Resilience Program
Students, ages 10-14, can be nominated through December 6

PHILADELPHIA — The City of Philadelphia announced today that it is partnering with the Childhood Resilience Foundation on “Fostering Resilience,” a program to highlight inspiring stories of Philadelphia’s youth while facilitating impactful mentorship opportunities with caring adults. The Department of Parks & Recreation will lead the City’s participation in the Fostering Resilience program.

From now until December 6, 2019, adults can nominate a middle school child (ages 10-14) to participate in the program. Once nominated, youth participants complete an application designed to showcase their accomplishments, ability to thrive under challenging circumstances, and potential for future success. Selected participants will have the opportunity to share their personal narratives, connect with local leaders, share their ideas for how the City can better support and empower its youth, and have a conversation with Mayor Jim Kenney.

“The City of Philadelphia is proud to partner with the Childhood Resilience Foundation to highlight the stories of young people,” said Mayor Kenney. “Fostering Resilience will provide a unique opportunity to connect participants with leaders from City government and other industries. We hope these connections will lay the groundwork for impactful mentorship that can help youth succeed, despite obstacles they may be facing.”

“Our organization is proud to partner with the Department of Parks & Recreation on our first major outreach effort,” said Garrett Snider, Founder, Childhood Resilience Foundation. “Every child deserves a spotlight, and this program is designed to elicit their stories, amplify their voices, and bring their insights to the forefront of the City’s efforts on their behalf. Through this collaboration, Mayor Kenney and his administration will dedicate an unprecedented level of attention to the triumphs and challenges of our youngest and most vulnerable population. It’s exciting to have a mayor who agrees that adults must teach children the tools to engage in effective self-advocacy. We’re looking forward to learning from our applicants and bringing them to the epicenter of City government.”

The process of becoming a participant in the Fostering Resilience program includes three steps:

  1. Nomination: Adult mentors, coaches, teachers, or recreation leaders can nominate a student, ages 10-14, online through December 6, 2019.
  2. Application: The Childhood Resilience Foundation will notify the parent or guardian of each nominated student via email. This email will include a link to the student application. Students must complete the application by December 12, 2019.
  3. Notification: Application decisions will be released on January 3, 2020. Selected youth will be invited to attend a special event in the Mayor’s Office on January 17, 2019.

About the Childhood Resilience Foundation
The Childhood Resilience Foundation is dedicated to the education, protection, and empowerment of young people. Through psychosocial and academic programming, lectures, and school symposiums, the Foundation works to engage youth in self-advocacy while bridging the gap between their needs and potentials. Resilience Consulting, a non-profit resource housed within the Foundation, is a full-service family advisory.