The Homestead Exemption reduces the average Real Estate Tax bill in Philadelphia by around $629. But tens of thousands of homeowners miss out on these property tax savings every year.

The Philadelphia Department of Revenue estimates that around 308,700 properties were eligible for Homestead in 2019. To date, around 220,300 property owners have signed up for the program. That means the Homestead enrollment gap is around 88,400 properties.

It’s easy to check if you have Homestead:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your street address and select the search icon.
  3. Check your status under the street map in the right-hand column

Screenshot from City of Philadelphia's property look-up site shows where visitors can find their Homestead enrollment status

Have Homestead? Don’t reapply. You will get the discount every year automatically. Only reapply if you move homes, or the name changes on the deed while you’re living there.

If you don’t have Homestead, pull yourself out of the gap. The online application only takes two minutes to complete.

We’ve prepared the following videos in English and Spanish that explain Homestead in more detail:

En español: