Everyone needs a break sometimes—and a little support. Parent Cafés are there for you. 

Parent Cafés are judgment-free spaces where parents can kick back for a few hours and focus on themselves. They are open to all caregivers and always include a free meal and childcare.

Parent Cafés are funded by the Department of Human Services and hosted by its Community Umbrella Agencies (CUAs) in 10 regions throughout Philadelphia. 

What makes Parent Cafés so appealing to caregivers? They are run by parents. People never feel talked down to or judged, but rather, they’re supported and understood. That atmosphere helps participants feel comfortable talking about the parenting challenges they’re facing. The parent leaders also help attendees to build on the strengths they already have.

A free meal, childcare, a few new friends, and a chance to feel better about yourself. Why not try one out?

To get a sense of what Parent Cafés are like, watch the short documentary The Parent Café Experience. The two parents featured in the video found the experience to be life-changing.

Check out a Parent Café near you by calling (215) P-A-R-E-N-T-S, or go to the website.