Think your neighborhood is the hottest in Philadelphia? Find out using the Philadelphia Heat Vulnerability Index.

It’s true, some Philadelphia neighborhoods are hotter than others. It’s important for City agencies to know where those neighborhoods are, to help keep people safe during very hot weather. The Philadelphia Heat Vulnerability Index, developed by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the Office of Sustainability, shows which areas in the city are hottest and coolest during the summer.

Learn about your neighborhood.

The Philadelphia Heat Vulnerability Index interactive map allows you to search for your address to see how vulnerable your block is to the effects of extreme heat. A block is more vulnerable if it is both very hot and if the people who live there are more sensitive to higher temperatures, like older folks and people with certain medical conditions.

It’s hotter in the city.

Some parts of Philadelphia can be as many as 22°F hotter than other neighborhoods. When looking at the index, the blocks in red are the hottest places in the city. These blocks are located in the central regions of North, West, and South Philadelphia. Tall buildings, roads and pavement, and black rooftops on homes trap in heat, and a lack of trees and vegetation prevent the area from cooling down. This is called the “urban heat island effect.”

It’s cooler by the rivers and parks.

The areas in blue and purple are the coolest places in the city, and are located along the rivers and near large parks. Planting trees on your street and in your yard can help cool down your neighborhood. Learn more about how you can request a free tree from TreePhilly.

Find what resources are closest to you to prepare for very hot days.

Use the Philadelphia Heat Vulnerability Index to find the health center closest to you. Make an appointment with your doctor to learn more about how you can stay healthy and safe this summer. Click on the health center icons to find contact information for each site.

Find the locations of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation public pools and spraygrounds to stay cool. Click on the pool icons for addresses and hours.

Don’t forget…

When the City declares a Heat Health Emergency, make sure you get to an air-conditioned space or cooling center. City-operated cooling centers are open for longer hours during Heat Health Emergencies. Find a cooling center closest to you.

And remember how you can #StayCoolPHL with these helpful tips.