Rebuild, made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, is the Mayor’s signature initiative to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to improve parks, recreation centers, and libraries.

For this initiative to truly reflect the diversity of our city, Rebuild will promote opportunities for minority and woman-owned businesses in the design and construction industries to work on Rebuild projects.

Often, diverse small businesses face barriers that make it difficult for them to get City contracts. This historic investment presents an opportunity to support those small, diverse businesses and help remove those barriers.

Here are five things to know about doing business with Rebuild:

  1. Rebuild has ambitious diversity goals. Each Rebuild project has specific goals to ensure women and minority-owned businesses have opportunities to be part of this historic improvement program.
  2. Rebuild Ready is a new program offering business supports to small, diverse firms to apply for and get work on Rebuild projects. The program is being provided in partnership with The Enterprise Center and Surety Bond Associates. Sign up for the program by filling out the Enterprise Center’s Business Services Application.
  3. The Emerging Vendors Program is an opportunity for small minority and woman-owned businesses to work toward their earning their certification and count toward diversity  goals on Rebuild contracts.
  4. Many projects will be managed by qualified nonprofit organizations, who will hire all contractors, design firms, and other businesses for projects they manage. Businesses can market themselves to these organizations by sharing their information about their work, experience, and interest in working on Rebuild projects.
  5. Rebuild contract opportunities are posted to the contract opportunity portal.
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