Paving season happens every year to keep our streets safe and smooth. Have a question about the paving process in Philadelphia? Check out this list of frequently asked questions.

When is paving season?
Work begins late March/early April and continues through November.

How do I know if my street is on the paving list?
The complete list of streets scheduled for repaving is at You can also look for paving notifications posted on doors and/or vehicles in the affected area.

How long does it take a street to paved?
The process takes three to five weeks from the time work begins. Exact time varies and is dependent on the length and width of the street.

Do I need to move my car during paving operations?
Yes. There will be parking restrictions to allow crews to complete paving work. Temporary “No Parking” signs will say when cars should move. Moving your car prevents both towing and delays in the project.

What if my car is towed?
If your car is towed, it will be towed to a nearby street. Contact your local Police District for the location of the car. A complete list of Police Districts can be found here.

How will I be notified about paving work?
You are notified through the following means:

  • Temporary “No Parking” signs. The Philadelphia Streets Department will post No Parking signs with specific dates and times when cars must be moved.
  • The paving program schedule. You can check the schedule at anytime at
  • Automated phone calls. You may receive a call about upcoming work in your area.
  • Text messages and emails. You can sign up for customized alerts here.
  • NextDoor posts. Announcements will be posted in affected neighborhoods. Learn more about NextDoor.
  • Updates on social media. Make sure to follow @PhilaStreets on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Can the timeline for completed paving operations be altered?
The normal paving timeline of three to five weeks can change depending upon weather conditions and area special events. Emergency utility work can also alter the paving schedule.

Will sidewalks be replaced during paving operations?
New curbs and sidewalks are not included in paving operations. The City and/or its contractors are not responsible for any pre-existing damage. Each paving project is documented with photos before and after the project. If you need to report curb damage during repaving, please contact Philly311.