March 11 is National 3-1-1 day, a special day at Philly311. It has the sentiment somewhere between our birthday (we just turned 10!) and the 4th of July. On this festive day, we’ll have some cake in the break room and give kudos to the Philly311 agents that continue to deliver superior customer service that embodies the spirit of our mission.

But this day is not ALL about Philly311. It’s also about our partners at the Streets Department, Licenses and Inspections, and other City departments that go out into the field and complete the service requests that you submit to us. We’d like to recognize these departments for the stellar job they do. To celebrate the work they do each and every day, here are the best of the worst issues that they tackle day in and day out.

And remember, if you see any of these issues (or others) you can always submit a service request to 311 and our great team of City departments will help to handle them!

1. Repairing street cave-ins

Typically, minor cave ins are inspected within 14 business days. Depending on the severity of the case, cave ins or sink holes are escalated over potholes, especially if water and gas are emitting from them. Street cave ins can be dangerous for everyone using the road. If you ever see a street cave in, report it to 311 immediately!

street cave in that is about the length of half a car

2. Removing tires and other short dumping

We believe we speak for the Streets Department and CLIP when we say we’re TIRED of cleaning up short dumping! In fact, here’s what the City is doing to try to stop it!

large pile of more than 20 tires that is blocking part of a sidewalk

3. Unblocking sidewalks

Far too often “right of way” is confused with “fight your way.” That’s what makes the new Streets Department permit map so great. On the map you can check the validity and timeline of a blocked road, sidewalk, or walkway. If you see an unsafe or unpermitted street or sidewalk closure, report it to us.

orange construction barricades blocking a large portion of the sidewalk and street

4. Reporting and removing abandoned vehicles

If you think you have identified an abandoned vehicle on your block, give 311 a ring and let us know. But be patient, this is one of our top service requests and can take a little bit time to get resolved.

a car that has been badly burned and abandoned on the street