During Immigrant Business Week (March 25 – 29), Mayor Kenney will honor several individuals who have served as community connectors for immigrant businesses in Oxford Circle. Sal Nunez, owner of Buccann, is one of the business owners being recognized.

Sal Nunez was born in the Dominican Republic, and spent years in New York and Boston before settling in Philadelphia. Nunez has now called this city his home for 20 years, and proudly says, “I’m a Philadelphian now.”

Two years ago, he opened Buccann, a Latin Caribbean restaurant in Oxford Circle. Sal previously worked in construction and owned a pizzeria, but he strived to create a restaurant he is truly proud of.

A tray of food, including empanadas, at Buccann.

“Food has been my passion,” Sal expresses. “I had a restaurant in New York and Boston. I wanted to bring here something a little different.”

Buccann is a merger of Sal’s two passions: construction and food. To create the restaurant he’s always dreamed of, Sal and his son Jeff built handcrafted elements together. The custom woodwork throughout the establishment brings personality to the space.

“I like to go out and I like to eat good food, so that’s one of the driving forces [of opening Buccann],” Sal says. “I wanted a place like this where I personally feel comfortable.”

The menu at Buccann includes “real Spanish food,” along with American foods like steaks, made with a Latin flair.

When you say Caribbean, you associate it with Jamaican and all of this, but we’re real Spanish food,” Sal explains. “Latin Caribbean is mostly Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican cuisine, which is a lot different.”

Through workshops and other events during Immigrant Business Week (March 25 - 29), we’re supporting the efforts of Philadelphia’s entrepreneurs.