I was inspired by what I saw this past Thursday.

There were residents, business owners, community leaders, and City employees all working together to make a positive difference in the neighborhood.

I think it’s safe to say that our first major community cleanup since we launched the Philadelphia Resilience Project was a huge success.

Here are some of the highlights from the day:

  • 103 (!) total tons of trash and debris collected
  • 90 miles of streets swept
  • 263 volunteers participated from 31 community groups
  • 38 vacant lots cleaned
  • 107 properties cleaned of graffiti
  • 38 blocks cleaned

That’s a lot of progress for one day. But, know that this is just the beginning. We believe that every resident deserves to live in a city that is safe and clean.

Community cleanups are a major part of our strategy to reduce trash and litter in the neighborhood.

To all of you who came out on Thursday, thank you for being a part of this. It was more than just a cleanup. It was about building community and remembering that there are no throwaway people, and no throwaway neighborhoods.

There’s much more work to do, but I think we’ve made some pretty big strides so far.