Have you heard about our new citywide workforce development strategy?

It’s called Fueling Philadelphia’s Talent Engine.

The goal of this strategy is to train Philadelphians with the skills employers need, match them with jobs that are available now, and continue to support career advancement in the future.

However, we can’t do this alone. If you’re an employer in Philadelphia, we need your help.

What is a Model Employer?

Model Employers recruit, hire, retain, and advance a workforce that is diverse, skilled, and prepared to meet the demands of Philadelphia’s growing industries.

Model Employers don’t just help city residents. They also have a competitive advantage in their industries resulting from their highly developed workforce.

They tend to have improved employee morale, productivity, and retention as well as greater consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

The diversified workforce of Model Employers helps them stay on the cutting edge. They also have access to special incentives and workforce funding to employ priority populations.

The City of Philadelphia is a Model Employer, too.

The City’s pilot program is focused on preparing individuals with employment barriers for middle-skill positions that are currently difficult for City departments and private employers to fill.

Currently, ten different City departments are engaged in the pilot program.

How can my organization become a Model Employer?

  1.   Help students have the resources they need by adopting a district school.
  2.   Engage employees in mentoring youth or volunteering in schools.
  3.   Participate in job fairs and other career exposure events.
  4.   Host a summer or year-round intern.
  5.   Offer employee mentoring or professional development classes.
  6.   Develop opportunities for on-the-job training, including apprenticeship programs.
  7.   Provide tuition assistance and offer credential attainment options.
  8.   Develop career ladders for advancement from entry level positions.
  9.   Partner with PA CareerLink Philadelphia to fill open positions.
  10.  Hire returning citizens and immigrants.
  11.  Access on-the-job training funds to build the skills of your workforce.

Model Employers drive Philadelphia’s economic growth. Let’s work together to build a stronger future for our city.

Whether your organization is already making these investments or is interested in learning more about how it could benefit your business — we want to hear from you.