Cats and dogs are some of our most beloved, but also, vulnerable residents.

That’s why Philadelphia’s foremost animal welfare organizations have joined forces to create the Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition. This innovative partnership seeks to end the killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs in the city of Philadelphia.

Coalition members will take specific steps to continue increasing the survival rate of animals in Philadelphia’s shelters, and to reduce the number of pets who land in shelters in the first place. These steps include prioritizing the intake and rescue of vulnerable pets within Philadelphia as well as coordinating efforts to use and mobilize resources where most needed.

Animal lifesaving in Philadelphia has improved dramatically in recent years: approximately 82% of cats and dogs entering ACCT Philly in 2017 survived, compared with only 11% in 2005.

Ultimately, the No-Kill Coalition seeks to attain 100% safe placement of healthy and treatable pets in loving homes.

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The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) is our region’s largest animal care and control service provider. ACCT Philly is one of three groups leading this critical work. The creation of the No-Kill Coalition also wouldn’t be possible without the leadership of PAWS and PSPCA.

So far, 12 organizations in our region have taken the pledge to work together and save the lives of animals in Philadelphia.

Everyone has a role to play in making Philadelphia a no-kill city.