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Concurrent exams are open to the general public; however, two separate lists are established for the job: a Promotional list for current Civil Service employees who passed the exam, and an Open-Competitive list for non-Civil Service passers.  The Open-Competitive eligible list is not used to hire until the Promotional list is exhausted.

Exams listed with continuous for their application deadline have no closing date.

Residency requirements: Once hired, applicants are required to move into Philadelphia within six months after their date of hire.*

*Every employee in the civil service shall establish his or her bona fide residence in the City within six months of his or her appointment, and shall thereafter maintain bona fide residence in the City, except that no person shall be appointed as a Laborer in the civil service of the City unless he or she has been a bona fide resident of the City for at least one year prior to his or her appointment.  The City Controller may require proof of the residence of any employee in the civil service. Philadelphia City Council Bill No. 080003, introduced Jan-24-2008.

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Announcement Period: July-27-2009

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Exam Status
Application Deadline
Salary Range (min/max)
HVAC Mechanic 2

$38,913 to $42,810 /yr.
End of Concurrent Job Opportunities

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