Career Ladders

Discover a variety of career options with the City of Philadelphia, explore your earning potential, and identify the experience required to progress through your career.

The most important requirement to enter any of these careers, however, is education.

The documents provided below are intended to help you in your career search as a student or recent graduate. They will also assist with exploring earning potential within select City of Philadelphia occupations. They are by no means complete lists.

City Careers That Begin with High School Graduation

As you will discover, there are many opportunities to progress; but those opportunities will only be available if you complete high school. Click on the links below to find out how completion of high school can be beneficial to your career.

Clerical career progression with High School Graduation »

Engineering career progression with High School Graduation »

Firefighter career progression with completion of High School or Equivalent »

City Careers That Begin with a Bachelor's Degree

Completion of college education with a degree provides even more opportunities. Click on the links below to find out how far your degree can take you.

Engineering career progression with College Diploma »

Engineer hiring / career progression Frequently-Asked-Questions »

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