How To Apply For a Civil Service Job »

In order to be hired for a Civil Service job, you must take and pass a test and rank high enough to be called in for an interview. Once hired, you will be required to move into the City of Philadelphia within a specified time period (typically 6 months).

How To Apply FAQs »

Frequently Asked Questions when applying for a Civil Service job with the City of Philadelphia.

Civil Service FAQ »

This page answers some questions that you may have about Civil Service employment with the City of Philadelphia.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) FAQ »

Guidelines and information concerning its use for City of Philadelphia municipal employees.

Americans With Disabilities (ADA) FAQ »

Amercians With Disabilities Frequently Asked Questions.

Employee Disability (Regulation 32) FAQ »

Frequently Asked Questions About Civil Service Regulation 32 (Employee Disability).


Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy »

Policy for preventing sexual harassment in City Government.

Civil Service Appeal Guide »

Appeal guide of the Civil Service Commission.

Political Activity Restrictions »

Charter Section 10-107 restricts the political activity of City officers and employees. Political activity is activity that is directed toward the success or failure of a political party, candidate, or partisan political group. The Board of Ethics has jurisdiction to administer and enforce the Charter political activity restrictions. Frequently Asked Questions on the political activity restrictions are answered on the Board’s website. Board Regulation 8 details the political activity restrictions and provides helpful definitions and examples. Civil Service Regulation 29 provides that Civil Service employees must comply with Charter Section 10-107 and with Board Regulation 8.

A City employee with questions regarding the political activity restrictions should contact the Board of Ethics by using the Ask for Advice Function on the Board’s website or by calling 215.686.9450.