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City of Philadelphia

Friends Groups

Friends groups are community-led organizations primarily established to support and advocate for specific park areas. Friends groups work in close partnership with PPR staff to create welcoming community green spaces and positive experiences with nature at the neighborhood level.
Organized for Success 
Successful Friends groups engage with community and external partners to achieve their goals and serve as the “community voice” for parks. Typical Friends group activities include park cleanup and beautification days, fundraising events, organizing recreational and educational programming, advocating for park improvements, publicizing important issues, resource management and park advocacy.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation has a rich tradition of engaged citizens and active park groups. Currently there are more than 100 active Friends groups of varying capacity, ranging from large 501©3 organizations with several hundred members to grassroots community entities consisting of a smaller number of committed neighbors. PPR is supportive of all levels of engagement and will actively work with groups to provide service, resources and training.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation is committed to preserving and enhancing public green space throughout Philadelphia, which we believe can only be achieved through sustained civic engagement and park stewardship.

Download Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit: A Guide for Beginning and Sustaining Park Friend Groups (PDF) to learn more.

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