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City of Philadelphia

The Commission on Parks and Recreation

PaRC Star Nomination Form

The Parks and Recreation Commission (PaRC) is an advisory board for Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. The Commission consists of 15 members, nine of whom are appointed by the Mayor from nominations made by City Council and six of whom serve ex officio, including the President of City Council and the Executive Director of the City Planning Commission or their designees, the Water Commissioner, the Street Commissioner, the Public Property Commissioner and the Parks and Recreation Commissioner. Each highly qualified member, appointed at the beginning of each Mayoral term, has demonstrated skills and knowledge about park and recreation matters.


The mission of the Commission on Parks and Recreation is to become the nation’s leader in the park and recreation field. To do so the Commission works to:
  • Promote opportunities for our city’s park and recreational spaces and their users
  • Develop and adopt written, enforceable standards and guidelines for park and recreation land and facilities related to their use
  • Make recommendations to expand and diversify revenue options for recreational and capital expenditures
  • Assist in promoting, supporting and enhancing the image of parks and recreational facilities and programs

Working Together

PaRC is eager to work with you to provide the very best ideas and recommendations to our elected and appointed officials concerning the protection, preservation and promotion of Philadelphia's historical, cultural, environmental and recreational resources and programs.

PaRC hold six public meetings a year, on the third Wednesday of every other month. For exact time and location of future meetings, visit the Parks and Recreation Commission Facebook page.

At each public meeting the Commission recognizes PaRC Stars—volunteers in the community who give their time and efforts to preserve, promote and enhance the places, programs and facilities of the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation. Know a great volunteer? Nominate a PaRC Star.

For all other have questions, concerns and comments, please submit your remarks via email.

Please note that unless comments/letters/emails directed to the Commission qualify as confidential under the Pennsylvania Right to Know Act or other relevant statutes, they will be made publicly available upon request.


The Commission on Parks and Recreation was constituted in July 2009, following the passage of an amendment to the Home Rule Charter which transferred the powers and duties of the Fairmount Park Commission to a new Department of Parks and Recreation and reconstituted the Fairmount Park Commission as the Commission on Parks and Recreation.