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City of Philadelphia

About Us

Vision, Mission and Values

Who we are, what we do and what we believe

The Commission on Parks and Recreation

The mission of the Commission on Parks and Recreation is to become the nation’s leader in the park and recreation field.


The organizational structure of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation was designed to meet the vision and mission of the new department, while emphasizing the strengths of the former Department of Recreation and Fairmount Park Commission.


Philadelphia Parks & Recreation occasionally has positions and internships available that are both paid and unpaid. These positions will be posted when they become available.


The Ranger Corps is the group of Parks & Recreation staff that help keep Fairmount Park safe, clean and ready to use.

Facilities We Manage

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation manages 10,000 acres of open space in Philadelphia, as well as hundreds of structures and buildings... and we program even more locations than these!

Find Your Path

Find Your Path symbolizes the potential and promise of Philadelphia’s diverse park and recreation system, which is rooted in the rich history of Philadelphia but also focused on creating future opportunities for personal development and connections.

Rules & Regulations

The Philadelphia Parks & Recreation system belongs to all of us. We invite and encourage you to enjoy it, but please remember to clean up when you're done.