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  • For 52 years, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation has offered the fun and safe Outdoor Soccer League to young Philadelphians. Learn more about this city-wide program that engages around 1,500 youth each year. [...]
  • Learn about the history of the five public squares in William Penn's “greene country towne”--one for each quadrant of the city and one marking the center. [...]
  • Now through December 27, vendors in more than 60 wooden booths will sell traditional European food, holiday gifts, ornaments, jewelry and high-quality arts & crafts in LOVE Park. [...]
  • Our five ice rinks are open to the public seven days a week. Programs include ice hockey, ice skating and skating lessons. Visit one today! [...]

Parks and Recreation

Programs and Activities

Camps, Baseball Leagues, and Older Adult Services are just a few of our wonderful offerings.

Places to Go

Philadelphia is filled with places to go from parks and trails to sculptures and places to eat. We have all of the ideas you need for a fun filled day.

Get Involved

The people who make our Department work every day have the privilege of being stewards of the City’s environmental, cultural and historical assets. We ask that you Get Involved in your own way. Here is an overview of some of the ways that you can.


The mission of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation focuses on preserving and enhancing existing green spaces while also expanding the amount of green, public space available in the City.


PPR is proud to provide historical services, facilities and other assets to the public everyday throughout our park system.

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