City of Philadelphia

Office of the City Solicitor

Lynda H. Moore

Chief Deputy City Solicitor

Health and Adult Services Unit


The newly created Health and Adult Services unit is responsible for representing the Department of Public Health, the Office of Behavioral Services/ Mental Retardation Services, and the Office of Adult Services. Attorneys in this unit litigate cases in Mental Health Court, Mental Retardation Court, Family Court, Lead Court ,Tuberculosis Court and  in administrative tribunals. This unit also provides client  counseling around the effective provision of services, confidentiality of treatment records, and  statutory and regulatory compliance. The Health and Adult Service attorneys have a significant amount of contact with service providers and community members, and often share information or conduct training as needed.

Lynda H. Moore is a graduate of Duquesne University School Law. She has practiced in the Law Department since 1987. She  practiced for 17 years in the Health and Human Services,  and now supervises the Health and Adult Services Unit.


Chair, Social Services Group
Child Welfare Unit
Department of Public Health
Office of Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation
OSH (Office of Supportive Housing)