City of Philadelphia

Office of the City Solicitor

Commercial Litigation


James P. Cousounis, Senior Attoney 

Robert D. Aversa, Deputy City Solicitor

                                                                                  Assistant: Nicole Osborn


Fax: 215-683-5069


Commercial Litigation attorneys represent the City (and its officers when sued in their official capacity) in civil actions involving claims arising out of or relating to contracts for procurement of goods and services, contracts for performance of construction and similar public works, and other City commercial transactions.  They also typically defend the City or its officers against actions involving claims arising out of real property title or document recording disputes, and represent the City and its officers and employees in connection with subpoenas served on them as non-party witnesses or records custodians in civil discovery proceedings.



Chair, Corporate and Tax Group

Commercial Law Unit

Economic Development & Investments Unit

Regulatory Affairs Unit

Tax Unit

Special Corporate Counsel

Property Assessment