City of Philadelphia

Office of the City Solicitor

Donna J. Mouzayck

First Deputy City Solicitor



The First Deputy City Solicitor serves as head of the Law Department when the City Solicitor is unavailable.  In addition, by assignment of the City Solicitor, the First Deputy currently performs the following functions: Supervision of Administrative Services; Attorney Recruitment;  Integrity Officer; EEOC Officer; Management of Law Department Employee Relations; and Coordinator for office wide Continuing Legal Education.


The First Deputy also advises the City Solicitor on issues involving the budget, staff evaluations, human resources, technology and facilities.  She also administers the Summer Law Clerk Program, Honors Attorney Program and Internship Programs.  The Claims Unit reports to Ms. Mouzayck.


Donna Mouzayck is a 1982 graduate of Temple University School of Law.  She has practiced with the City for her entire career.   


City Solicitor
Appeals & Legislation
Recruitment & Staffing