City of Philadelphia

Office of the City Solicitor

 Frequently Asked Questions



1.        I can't afford an attorney.  Can the Department represent me?


2.        How do I initiate a claim for property damage or personal injury against the City?


3.        Where do I call to file claim for damage to property from police?


4.        The City says I owe back taxes or other charges.  With whom should I speak?


5.        I'd like to request a payoff figure for a PGW lien/judgment.  Where should I call?


6.        I received a bill for work done at my property by the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD).  I did  not ask to have this work done so whom should I contact about the bill?


7.        My water/sewer bill has been referred to the Law Department for collection.  How can I make sure my water is not shut off?


8.        I have an L & I lien of my property.  How can I get it removed?


9.        With whom can I speak with regarding Sheriff's Sale of my home?


10.     Where do I call if I have a problem with my landlord?  Where do I call if I am having a problem with a tenant?


11.     Whom should I contact to assist me with Lead Paint Complaint concerns?


12.     Can the City Solicitor's Office represent me in Tuberculosis Court?


13.     My neighbor's property is causing a public nuisance.  Can the Law Department help me sue my neighbor?


14.     I would like the City to sue a local business that is polluting the air in my neighborhood.  Where should I call?


15.     Are you able to provide me with information regarding medical care that I received from the City of Philadelphia Health Centers?


16.     Can you give me information regarding Mental Health Court?


17.     Can the City Solicitor's Office represent me in Mental Retardation Court?


18.     How can I reach the Department of Human Services?


19.     How do I contact my probation officer?


20.     How can I review my DHS file?


21.     How do I report a child being abused?


22.     How do I contact my DHS Social Worker or Staff?


23.     How do I obtain a copy of a birth certificate?


24.     How do I apply for a social security card?


25.     What is required for filming a movie, public service announcement (PSA), video or commercial in Philadelphia?


26.     How do I request City data for a research or other project that I am conducting?


27.     What approval is necessary from the City for a telecommunications company, utility or other company or property owner to be able to install cables, pipes or other facilities in the public right-of-way, either under or above the streets or sidewalks?


28.     My firm is interested in contracting with the City.  Where do we start?


29.     I need to contact a Law Department attorney.  Where can I find contact information?


30.     I'm involved with a case against the City.  How can I find out which attorney is representing the City in my case?


31.     Can I serve a subpoena directly to a City Department or employee?


32.     How do I subpoena pension records for a retired employee?


33.     Is Philadelphia Parking Authority an agency of the City?