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City of Philadelphia

Additional Archival Resources

A large quantity of Fairmount Park information can be gathered at other research institutions in Philadelphia.
The Philadelphia City Archives, in particular, has a wide variety of Fairmount Park information including the official meeting minutes of the Fairmount Park Commission. The city archives also has minutes, correspondence, plans, photographs and other material relating to The Centennial Exposition of 1876 in West Fairmount Park and the Sesquicentennial Exposition of 1926 held in FDR Park.

The Free Library of Philadelphia is also a good general source for Fairmount Park information. Don't miss the Library's excellent on-line information about the Centennial Exposition with birds-eye view maps, digitized original images, and detailed bibliography!

If you're looking specifically for information on the Wissahickon section of the park, we recommend you also explore the Germantown Historical Society and the Chestnut Hill Historical Society.

An index to Fairmount Park drawings of specific buildings is available by visiting the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings Project (PAB), a free, publicly searchable Internet database of 35,000 structures in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. The Fairmount Park Commission Archives has an index to 518 drawings. Please note that only drawings with identifiable structures or architects were surveyed for the database. Some landscapes by noted landscape architects or those with drawings of structures are also recorded. Not recorded are Fairmount Park bridges and Fairmount Park Engineering drawings.

Other local resources available to researchers include: