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City of Philadelphia

Yard Trees

Trees play an important role in the ecosystem of our city and the TreePhilly Campaign directly engages citizens of Philadelphia to assist with their equally important role in the maintenance of these trees.
When you think of green space, what comes to mind? Neighborhood parks, community gardens, and most certainly, trees. Trees are likely the ones we interact with most on a daily basis, and are also extremely important to our environment. They beautify our urban spaces, shade us from the hot sun, filter pollution, reduce noise and strengthen neighborhood ties by giving us places to congregate and relax, which can also help reduce violence.

The TreePhilly Campaign, which you can find more about at, was created to better connect Philadelphians to tree information. This includes planting and care instructions, assistance with maintenance, available species types, and most importantly, how YOU can get a FREE tree for your home, church or business, either along the street, in a yard space or both. Check out now!