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City of Philadelphia

Wissahickon Environmental Center


Located at the northern end of Wissahickon Valley Park, the Wissahickon Environmental Center is also known as the "Tree House," named for the giant sycamore tree that once grew through the porch of this charming century-old farmhouse.
For over thirty years the center has been providing education to families throughout the Philadelphia region, offering public and group programming. We invite new generations of Wissahickon lovers to explore our trails and visit the Education Center to learn about the park and check out the large native fish aquarium and life-like floor-to-ceiling mural depicting wildlife in the area.

300 W. Northwestern Avenue, 19118
Ph: 215-685-9285
F:  215-685-9268
Environmental Education Program Specialist: Patricia Fries

Summer Camps 

Wissahickon Environmental Center is offering outdoor day camp programs for children ages 6-14. Held in the beautiful Wissahickon Valley, children can attend one week of nature camp from 9am – 3 pm. Space is limited. Registration begins March 1,2017. 

Public Programs

Many of our programs are available to anyone who is interested in learning something about the environment around you. Check out our public programs flyer (pdf) to learn more.