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City of Philadelphia


Environmental Education

Environmental education is a very important component of our system. Our mission is to promote understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of our total environment. Our actions impact our environment and our environment impacts our quality of life.

Forestry & Ecosystem

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, through its Urban Forestry and EcoSystem Management Division, undertakes a broad range of environmental restoration activities throughout the park system.

Recycling Center

PPR has an organic recycling center in West Fairmount Park. Accepted materials are leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, brush and herbivore manure. Materials available for pick up are compost, wood chips, shredded wood mulch and herbivore manure.

Urban Agriculture

Farm Philly supports the creation and maintenance of Urban Agriculture Projects on PPR land, such as orchards, vegetable and fruit production, youth education gardens, inter-generational gardens, community gardens and market farms.

Native Garden Program

Native Garden Program provides volunteers and PPR staff with native plant material, resources, and training to grow a low-maintenance garden at their park or recreation center.