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City of Philadelphia

Permits and Forms

Special Event Permit Types

These are the three different types of special events permits.
Large-scale Events, Festivals, Runs & Walks (Special Events Application)

This application is intended for the use of organizers of public and private events, festivals, athletic events.Follow the steps in this package to get your permit. All five steps in the Special Events Permit Application process must be completed.

1. Call the CASE Building at (215)685-0060 to inquire about availability of date and location for your event.

2. Download, complete, and submit application with appropriate application fee.

3. Special Events Office staff will review your application and contact you for any additional information needed.

4. Receive, sign and submit your non-executed permit ("pre-permit") with payment.

5. Special Events Office Staff will countersign and issue your permit via mail or email.

Neighborhood Parks (Friends & Community Groups Application)
To receive a special event permit for a neighborhood park, you must be a Friend or Community Group and:

1. Contact Stewardship office at (215) 683-3679 to check availability of date and location
2. Download, complete, and submit application with application fee and any applicable service fees.
3. Apply for insurance if you do not have it.
4.  Provide certificate of insurance prior to the event date (required).
5. You will be issued a permit prior to your event.
Recreation Facilities (Application and Permit for Use of Recreation Facilities)

Recreation facilities are staffed PPR spaces with a recreation building. To receive a special events permit for a recreation facility, you must:

1. Prepare ahead by having information about your event ready.
2. Pick a recreation facility where you would like to have your event.
3. Contact the Recreation Facility Supervisor at that location to submit application in person.
4. Receive approval in writing from that recreation facility supervisor.