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City of Philadelphia


Boathouse Row Lights
Mar 10, 2017
Have you ever wondered why the lights on Boathouse Row are a certain color? We're here to help! Below please find a list of upcoming lighting themes.
  • April 27 & 28: Teal for Women Organized Against Rape
  • May 8: Teal for the American Lung Association
  • May 10 & 19: Purple for the Lupus Foundation
Philadelphia Activities Fund Now Accepting Applications!
Feb 27, 2017
From Wednesday, March 1 through Monday, May 1, the Philadelphia Activities Fund will be accepting applications electronically or on paper.

2017 Philadelphia Activities Fund Application (PDF)

Please email to submit your application electronically or to ask any questions. 
Schuylkill River Wall Reconstruction Detours
Dec 05, 2016
The reconstruction of a failing wall along the Schuylkill River will prompt closures to portions of Martin Luther King Drive and the Schuylkill River Trail along MLK Drive.

The construction and resulting detours will begin on December 6, 2016 and continue until January 20, 2017, during the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

During those times, the eastbound (inbound) lane of MLK Drive will be closed from Sweet Briar to Eakins Oval.

During construction, the Schuylkill River trail will be rerouted to remove pedestrian and bicycle traffic from the construction area. Download a detour map for pedestrians and bicyclists (PDF).

This project is necessary because a section of the existing Schuylkill River wall, approximately 75’ in length, failed and fell into the river on August 23, 2016. Due to this failure, a portion of the retained soil supported by the wall has collapsed into the river, along with the section of asphalt walkway it was supporting. This condition leaves the area unstable, and the river's tide and large storms will continue to cause further erosion and damage. Without immediate action, the remaining sections of the wall and soil have a high potential to see additional failure, presenting a life safety hazard to the public.   

The Streets Department and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation thank residents and commuters for their patience and cooperation during the project.
How to Report a Tree Emergency
Dec 02, 2016
Philadelphia has a flourishing urban forest that provides many benefits to citizens, including shade, oxygen, cleaner air and water, and beauty. But trees are living things and they can't always be controlled, especially during extreme weather events like rain, snow and ice storms, and high winds. If a tree falls during a storm and it's blocking a road, or it has fallen on a house, car or other property, CALL 911. A crew of arborists from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation are on-call to respond to tree emergencies, and they will come out to remove the hazard and any part of the tree that is an immediate risk to public safety. Other parts of the tree that don't pose an immediate risk (such as tree trunks and stumps) will be removed at a later time so our crews can focus on other safety hazards around the city during the extreme weather event. In the event that a tree has fallen on electrical wires, please call PECO's emergency line: 1-800-841-4141.

For non-emergency tree requests, please submit a request through Philly 311 via one of the channels below:
  • Phone: Dial 3-1-1 or for those with VOiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and for calls from outside of Philadelphia dial 215-686-8686. The Call Center is open Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm excluding City holidays.
  • Website: Submit a request online.
  • Mobile Application: Download the free Philly 311 mobile app from the app store via a smart device (phone, tablet, etc.).
  • Social Media: Ask a question or submit a request using Facebook or Twitter.
  • Email: Send inquiries or requests to
  • Walk in Center: The Philly 311 Walk-in Center (City Hall Room 167) is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm excluding City holidays.
After submitting a request for service, you will be provided with a reference number to track the status of your request at your convenience by calling the Call Center, or visiting the Philly 311 website or mobile app.

For non-emergency requests for private property tree trimming around electrical wires, please use this PECO request form.

Dog Regulations and Best Practices
Nov 29, 2016
Featured PPR Running Trails
Sep 27, 2016
To celebrate the start of fall and all that the City’s parks have to offer for trail lovers, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation is highlighting a few of the running trails within our parks.

View a list of PPR running trails.
Kelly Drive Stormwater Management Construction Project/Trail Alert
Aug 30, 2016
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, in partnership with Philadelphia Water, recently began construction on several stormwater management devices along Kelly Drive between the roadway and the Schuylkill River Trail/Kelly Drive Recreation Path.

The area of construction is between the St. Joseph’s University Boathouse (north) and the Judge’s Reviewing Stand Parking Lot (south)—all along Kelly Drive. During construction, the City’s contractor, JPC, will be required to close the trail during periodic times. Trail users are directed to use the gravel path that runs parallel to the paved trail.

The completed project will manage stormwater from Kelly Drive through a series of green stormwater infrastructure devices. This will enhance the park area and reduce sediment flow into the Schuylkill. New trees will be planted and a new, ADA accessible picnic area near the southern parking lot will be constructed. Any impacts to the trail will be addressed by the end of construction. Trail conditions will improve as edge of trail that has eroded will be restored, and the gravel trail will be enhanced for detour by placement of additional stone fines/gravel.

The projected schedule for completion is the end of November 2016.

View a map of the affected area (PDF)
LOVE Park Redesign Project Update
Jul 12, 2016
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR) is pleased to announce that the exploratory phase of the LOVE Park redesign project is drawing to a close, and the demolition & construction phase began today (July 12, 2016). During the exploratory phase, project designers discovered a large water main which was previously unknown and are now working with the Philadelphia Water Department to assess its condition. Philadelphians who work and live in Center City will notice new enclosures and barriers around the perimeter of LOVE Park next week, followed by heavy equipment and work crews for demolition. PPR is excited that the redesign of LOVE Park is continuing to move forward as scheduled and on budget.
2016 Pool Opening Schedule
Jun 09, 2016
All PPR pools will open between Wednesday, June 22 and Friday, July 1, 2016. Download the schedule to see when your local pool opens (PDF).