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City of Philadelphia

Find Your Path

We help people grow, that’s what we do. Through the stewardship of our natural and cultural resources, the structured activities at our bustling recreation centers and the preservation of our City’s rich history, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation connects people to new pathways in life.

What We Do

We are the caretakers of Philadelphia’s community resources, natural treasures, historic places, cultural experiences and growth opportunities. We provide clean, open, ready-to-use spaces and safe havens in neighborhoods throughout our city.

We help kids become successful adults through teamwork, mutual respect, friendship and fun. While we help adults find their inner child through exploration, motivation and joy. We believe in the potential of all people and graciously serve their aspirations.

We are the keepers of promises and the creators of adventure. We are the makers of fun and the enablers of dreams. We are a home away from home. We are a family away from family. And we celebrate every day as we connect the eager and the willing to new passions, new plans and new pathways in life.

We help people grow. That's what we do.

Learn more about who we are, where we're headed and what we believe by reading our Vision, Mission and Values.