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City of Philadelphia

Programming for People with Disabilities

Our department provides programming opportunities for all people. From Carousel House, our facility in West Park dedicated to people with disabilities, to our inclusion program at all of our facilities, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation has opportunities for anyone to recreate!

Carousel House

The Carousel House is Philadelphia Parks & Recreation's facility dedicated just for people with disabilities. The Carousel House has a gym, indoor pool, conference room meeting room, kitchen and arts and crafts room. 
Contact Erica Young-Carter at 215-685-0160 to find out more about Carousel House.


Inclusion is a philosophy — an approach to programming and activities.
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation conducts programs in an inclusive environment. Children and youth with disabilities are grouped with same age peers to encourage appropriate and positive social interactions. Activities are adapted to the needs of individual participants. Key to successful inclusion is communication between the participant, caregiver and recreation leader.