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City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Recreation Advisory Council

The Philadelphia Recreation Advisory Council is a partnership between community members and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation created to support individual recreation centers and playgrounds. Advisory Councils work closely with staff to assist with programming, fundraising, and special events.

This is your recreation center!

Local Advisory Councils are composed of community residents, participants of recreation center programs, parents of participants, and facility staff. It is engaged citizens like you that help keep our centers clean, safe, and relevant to the community.

Get your voice heard.

Through the Advisory Council, you can express your desires as to the type of programming that your recreation center or playground should offer. Advisory Council members represent a diverse menu of recreational interests in the community, from sports, to arts, to environmental stewardship, and more. Make your recreation center work for you and your community!
If you'd like to start or get involved with your an Advisory Council at your local recreation facility, please use our Find A Facility application to find the contact information of the facility nearest you.

Advisory Council FAQs

What is an Advisory Council?
The Advisory Council functions as a liaison between the facility staff, community, and city agencies to assure community input on a regular basis. They work in partnership with staff to serve as a source of volunteer leadership, evaluate community reaction to programming, introduce new and innovative programming, as well as conduct fundraising activities. 

How do I become a member?
Members of the public need only attend one Advisory Council meeting and have their name appear on at least one sign-in sheet to become a member of the Advisory Council. Advisory Council members may be elected to the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and/or Secretary, which are required in the structure of an Advisory Council, in which case there are further requirements to be eligible.

Do I have to be a member to go to a meeting?
No, general meetings are open to all community members and once you attend one meeting, you are automatically a member of the Advisory Council.